Sunday, January 1, 2012


New Year's Eve last year was a mess and kind of put me off really doing anything for it this year. But I do have a really good temple in my neighborhood (Jourenji, home of the Tokyo Daibutsu, the third largest sitting Buddha in Japan), so I decided to head over there at midnight. There were a lot of people there, so I had to wait in line for a while, but nothing like Meiji Jingu last year. Prayed, took a few pics and the video below, drank some amazake, then headed home before I got too cold. Could still hear the bells ringing from home though which was pretty lovely. Nice New Year's sound!


  1. Much calmer New Year's Eve than last year, that is for sure - no crazy crowds and getting separated from your party!! I do love the video - what were the people waiting in line to do? I would have loved to hear bells ringing in the new year - much better than the sound of fireworks!! :-)

  2. They're waiting to throw money and pray. And bells ringing in the new year is an A+ sound!

  3. The Little Blonde Girl16 January, 2012 09:30

    That's a great video! Neato that the third largest Daibutsu is so close to your current home. Do you know how old the bell is at that temple? (I am remembering some of the bells at the temples in Kamakura were OLD.) I am hoping in the middle of all that serenity, you shouted, "Have an OH-MY-TERRY-RYAN-HAPPY-NEW-YEAR!!!" ;)